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Business Intelligence isn't ending; it's transforming.
Introducing Heartcount ABI – the future of enhanced BI!
  • For countless ad-hoc questions,
    the answer is just one click away.

    Traditional BI offers a reactive data consumption experience, with users checking on what’s happened on the metrics - it's a one-way street. HEARTCOUNT ABI (Analytics & BI) revolutionizes the game by seamlessly integrating ad-hoc data analysis into BI.

  • Receive automated reports on metric changes directly in your inbox.

    Select your key metrics. Our proprietary algorithm automatically identifies the primary drivers of change, ranking them based on:

    1. Their absolute contribution to the change 2. The magnitude of their change relative to their typical contribution
  • Access the right dataset exactly when you need it.

    Tired of waiting days for the right dataset? Fed up with handling repetitive data requests? With HEARTCOUNT, everyone gets direct access to curated datasets tailored to answer the questions. Liberate your data team from the grind of repetitive data extraction tasks.

HEARTCOUNT ABI has catalyzed transformative impacts across diverse industries and business functions. Dive into our customer success stories to learn more! Check Customer Stories
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