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With HEARTCOUNT, data analysis becomes an accessible task for all.
Companies in Asia, have made HEARTCOUNT their choice for data solutions.


Sidney, who is currently working in the HR department of Company A,
sought to redefine HR standards
based on personnel data.

Using Heartcount, he analyzed both hiring and new employee performance data. By pinpointing the characteristics of high-performing groups, Sidney crafted new hiring standards.

Additionally, he uncovered rules that optimized service periods, leading to a 40% increase in the average employment tenure.

Research Institute

Derick, at Company A's research institute,
faced the monthly challenge of
delivering survey reports without proper analysis tools.

HEARTCOUNT transformed his process, enabling quick visualization and insightful pattern recognition. Plus, advanced statistical analyses like regression and decision trees were presented in natural language, simplifying the report creation process for non-statisticians.

E -Commerce & Marketing

EMMA, a marketing manager at Company A,
was overwhelmed by data as her campaigns grew.

After subscribing to and using HEARTCOUNT on a colleague's recommendation,
she could navigate her data effortlessly, pinpointing the effects of individual campaigns like email and digital advertising on key KPIs.

Automatic insights on maximizing purchase rates and automated visualization charts
saved valuable time and enhanced her planning efficiency.

Finance & Insurance

Kai, from Company A's compensation department,
found it challenging to extract insights from KPI trends.

However, HEARTCOUNT ABI's advanced analysis feature enabled him to assess insurance payouts
and identify unusual compensation cases, providing a robust understanding of the compensation process.


Logan, working in University A's big data center,
aimed for data democratization but was hindered by departmental silos and analytical skills.

The HEARTCOUNT team integrated data around the student lifecycle, enabling all staff to make data-driven decisions.

As a result, this laid the foundation for tailoring classes and activities to specific student types through periodic analysis.


Hazel, operating in a global restaurant franchise,
was concerned about declining profit indicators and retirement rates.

In particular, she struggled to correlate investments in employees or outdated facilities with financial indicators, hindering decision-making on training or facility investments.

Using HEARTCOUNT, she unified and analyzed diverse indicators, discovering correlations between turnover, productivity, customer satisfaction, and more. Insights into profit margins and the link between employee and customer satisfaction equipped her to make informed decisions on training and facility investments.